Here’s what some Adventure Boot Camp members have to say about their experience with this program…



“Jessica, here are just a few reasons why your class is so wonderful and sets you apart from the competition:
1. Great daily emails with information that helps us reach our goals.
2. New exercises and programs each day to keep us motivated and interested!
3. Wonderful workout music!
4. You are accessible…. and answer any questions promptly!

Having worked out in other boot camps before, this is by far the most fun and I am already feeling stronger after just 8 workouts with you!”
-Allison, Boonton, NJ


“Ever since I started Parsippany Boot Camp with Jessica I have embraced a healthier lifestyle. It is more than just working out. It is the incredible support she provides. I would not go anywhere else. Before attending boot camp I never liked working out. Now I love it and feel so encouraged by Jessica and the others I exercise with. We have a lot of fun with our workouts and Jess always comes up with new ones for each class which makes it even more fun. Jess will even provide support regarding diet which is highly beneficial. She is extremely thorough. With her guidance, I lost almost twenty pounds. She is a motivator and has changed my life. I am more in tune with my body than I have ever been before. There is no question. This boot camp is the way to go. You will be forever changed.”
-Melissa Mulligan, Boonton, NJ


“I just want to tell you that I was rather concerned coming into camp about whether I could get up at 5, whether I could handle the workouts (the website makes it sound a lot scarier than it really is), and whether I could sustain this schedule with my very hectic and demanding job. On Monday, I was so tired I literally could barely drive to work. Today, I am absolutely energized…sore, but energized! I can’t believe I finished in 3rd place this morning, behind two women more than half my age. I feel strong, vital and confident that I can make the right food choices. And because I’m prioritizing my workouts, I’m focused on making sure that I stay with it, even on business trips and vacations. I’m so glad I saw your sign!”
-Myra, Montville, NJ


“I started with Parsippany Boot Camp in January and immediately I felt connected to the classes and my fellow boot campers. The classes are always faced paced and different so you never feel like you are doing the same old routine, but you do always walk away feeling like you got a good work out, and for me, mentally it just totally clears my head. Jess as a trainer is extremely supportive always with helpful food tips via email, good suggestions on how to improve your health, and motivates us all to strive for more. She honestly wants better for everyone she trains and you can feel that every class. I’ve taken other group fitness classes in the past and often times I felt on display or judged. This environment couldn’t be more opposite. The other boot campers are supportive and every class we have a great laugh. The time flies by because you are sweating and laughing at the same time. I would recommend Jess and her classes undoubtedly.”
-Jessica Vento-Montanaro, Parsippany, NJ


“I have to thank you for everything cause if it wasn’t for you I would have never been excited about heading to the beach. It actually felt good yesterday trying on bathing suits. I can honestly say that it was the first time my whole life that I ever enjoyed it. Thanks so much for choosing to start bootcamp and making such a difference in our lives.”
-Melissa A., Montville, NJ


“Jessica, you have really made me a believer in exercise being a fun part of my daily routine. Never in my life have I been as enthusiastic about working out as I am now. I spent many years dragging myself to the gym and wandering around from machine to machine without ever seeing real results. Training with you has taught me that machines are not needed for an effective workout. Quite the contrary with just a set of free weights my body has transformed and I am officially in the best shape of my life. Thank you Jess for making me look and feel terrific and having fun while doing it!”
-Jessica A. Krause, Raleigh, NC


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