*Race Training*



From 5k to Ironman, our specialists have you covered.

(Yes, we can train you for mud runs too!)

Our one time fee of $1350 includes:

-Program design including conditioning training schedule, goal setting, nutritional requirement assessment, and body composition measurement. We also provide injury prevention planning and aim to correct any current physical imbalances which may impair training/racing.

-10 Cross Training, injury therapy (modalities such as ice, electric stim, ultrasound, heat, stretching, massage, etc) or speed work  sessions. We will help you schedule the sessions according to your race timeline.

-Weekly consultations to ensure you are completing required conditioning workouts, and working towards your preferred finish time.

-Unlimited support until Race Day

We will also travel to your race for additional fee, please contact us to receive a quote.

Click here to purchase you race training program with a credit card.
We also accept checks made payable to JK Fitness Enterprises LLC.

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals!




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