*Personal Training*

personal training
The focus of personal training in our company is body transformation by utilizing circuit training and nutritional counselling. Circuit training is a combination of strength and cardio exercises. This ensures that you get fat burning cardio and toning exercises in one session, allowing your body to change more quickly. And more importantly, allowing your body to receive the health benefits of both modes of training, drastically increasing your fitness level in a short period of time.
We offer nutritional guidance at no additional cost to our private training clients. In addition to Jessica, we have three wonderful trainers/instructors. Between the four of us, we can almost always find days and times that fit our clients’ needs.
We train out of your home, our home office, or park/track fitness settings. However, we have noticed over the years that most clients prefer training in their own home.
Our private training rates are:
$40 mini session (30 minutes long, must purchase package of 20 sessions)
$75 for a single visit (average session is 45-55 min)
$700 for 10 visits 
$1300 for 20 visits 
*There are payment installment plans available on packages of 10 and 20 sessions. Please inquire.
*Please note we require 24 hours notice when cancelling a scheduled session. Failure to provide appropriate notice will result in the session being charged/deducted from your package.
Contact us to schedule a session today, we look forward to helping you reach your fitness goals!
Referral Bonus: Refer us a new personal training member and upon purchase of a package, you receive one free personal training session!
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