New Year, New You!

28 Dec

Yes, we know New Year’s Resolutions are super cliche!  However, we still want you to make a commitment to changing your health, and we want to help you reach your goals for 2017.

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Join Us for the Rest of 2016!

3 Dec


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5:30am class meets at the Knoll Tennis Club on Tues/Thurs/Fri

9:30am class meets at the Montville Community Park Mon/Wed/Fri (Outside when weather permits, we have an indoor location when it’s too cold or for bad weather.)

6:30pm class meets in Boonton Township on Tues/Thurs


Mix and Match your class times to suit your schedule!

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Holiday Session 2016 begins 11/14

4 Nov

holiday-campPlease see our “Current Boot Camp Session” page for more info!

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9 Oct


Fall Fitness Challenge Starts Monday 10/10!

6 Oct


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My Recent Yoga Journey and what I have Learned

19 Sep

It’s safe to say that I  have been through a very challenging two years.

By August of this past summer, I began to feel completely lost. My energy levels were depleted. I felt heartbroken every day. I was working very long hours, sometimes 16 hours a day. I was constantly on the run. Trying everything I could to be available to my clients, while trying to be the best single mom I could be. Relying on my family to help with childcare so I could work more. Sometimes going two days without eating. Some days eating whatever I could find, whether it was nutritious or not. Existing on 4 hours of sleep per night. In general, it wasn’t good. I wasn’t ok.

When I realized I would have one of my morning slots free for about a month, I decided to do something for myself. I purchased a month of yoga at a local studio: Sadhana Yoga in Montville, NJ. I have dabbled in yoga before. Being that I owned a fitness studio, I have had my own yoga instructors working for me. I had taken classes at my own studio, and at a few other local studios. My sister Sarah even recently completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training. So, yoga has always been around me. But I have never joined a studio like this before, and began to have, what yoga-people call “a practice”.

I never bothered to tell my instructors that I was technically a beginner, because I wasn’t sure what level I was at. I also never mentioned that I had a fitness business in town, because I didn’t want these people to see me as competition, or have any negative association with me. The truth is, yoga, real yoga at a studio like Sadhana, does not have the same audience or following as my business does. Why? Because to these people, myself now included in this mix, yoga is so much more than a fitness experience. For me, it became more of a religion. My very first class began with a spiritual reading and meditation. My second class went into extensive breath work. Each and every class I took felt like an educational lesson to me on yoga, culture, spirituality/religion, humanity, etc. Very different than a traditional fitness class. I realized that this yoga studio would be a home to me. I was a total stranger to these people, this place, this “practice”, yet I felt….. home.

I have only been taking classes at Sadhana since 8/8/16. I attend as many as I can per week, even though I have a very demanding schedule. Yoga so far has taught me how to manage my stress through breathing, and how to send (and receive) energy into the universe in order to live a more positive life. Most importantly, how to let go. Let go of control, let go of thoughts that don’t serve me. Let go of negative emotions. Yes, I have been able to get myself into some impressive poses after just 6 weeks, but that is the least of what I feel I have gotten from yoga. It is truly a mind-body experience, and you really need to have an open heart and open mind to experience yoga in this way.

I am looking forward to continuing my yoga journey. I have grown spiritually and feel my physical changes catching up.  I have learned that the harder the pose, the more mental strength you must possess. No matter how fit you are, if your mind is blocked by stress or bad energy, you won’t be able to fully progress in your yoga practice. Something one of my instructors told me that stuck in my head was that “if you can control your breath, you can control your mind”. This is a very powerful message that helps me in times of anxiety.

I am proud of myself for being able to quiet my mind and allow my body to follow, also getting stronger and more flexible along the way.

If you have been wanting to try a more authentic yoga practice, feel free to join me for a class. Namaste!


This photo was taken on Easter Sunday, well before I started classes at Sadhana. My sister, Sarah Kucinski,  was teaching me how to get into crow pose. Certainly not easy for beginners. But I did it. By the time I tried yoga at Sadhana, even with about 10 lbs less on my frame, my mind was so blocked that this pose, which I was able to do without any yoga experience a few months prior, felt impossible. I am happy to report I was able to hold this pose again this past Saturday at Alison’s class. (And I am sure I had much better form!)



BMI and Body Fat Percent: An explanation

15 Sep


Often times when we do measurements, our members ask us what exactly BMI and Body Fat % mean.

Here is a brief explanation.

BMI, is body mas index. This is simply a height to weight ratio. This number decreases the second you lose even a single pound. And the opposite is true as well. It increases if you gain a pound.

Body Fat Percent, has nothing to do with BMI. It is a measurement of your body fat percentage, as opposed to your lean muscle tissue.

It is possible to drop a lot of body fat, without losing pounds on the scale, meaning your BMI wouldn’t change. It is also possible to gain muscle, and have your BMI go up, when your body fat goes down and decreases in percentage.

Why is this?

This is because lean muscle is more dense than fat. Meaning 5 lbs of lean muscle takes up less space on your body than 5 lbs of fat.

See image attached for a visual of what 5 lbs of fat looks like versus 5 lbs of lean muscle tissue.

What is a healthy BMI and Body Fat?

Body fat percentage varies. See attached chart. I like to have my women aim for an average of 25%. That is because we are real women, who workout. Normal women should aim for 25-31%, while “fitness” women should aim for 21-24%. I like my women to be in the fitness range, but am ecstatic if they fall within the normal range, esp if it is on the lower end of 25%.

A healthy BMI for a women is between 18.5-24.9. This is a HUGE range, weight wise. For example, a woman who is 5’4″ can weigh between 110 and 140 lbs, and still be considered ideal in that entire range. However, the big problem with the BMI, is they don’t account for the amount of lean muscle tissue that athletes or avid exercises have………..often putting very fit people in the overweight or even obese range.

This is why I tell my women that the magic number I like to see them hit on both measurements is around 25.

Which measurement is more important?

At our company, we like our members to focus on body fat percentage. This is why we have you girls lift weights or do body weight exercises at most or every class. We want you to increase your lean muscle tissue.

Lean muscle tissue also requires more energy to function. Maybe you have heard people say  “lean muscle burns more calories than fat”.  Well, It is true.  One pound of lean muscle burns about 10 calories per day. While a pound fat only burns about 2-3 calories per day. So………..when you increase your lean muscle tissue, you increase your metabolism! Meaning you burn more calories per day, at rest. This allows you to burn more body fat. This is also why lean people seem to eat and eat and eat, and never gain weight. Because their metabolism is soaring. Look at the Olympic athletes, such as Michael Phelps. He said that during the 2008 Olympics, he consumed 12,000 calories per day! (He says that he no longer eats this way, but experts estimate needs about 6,000 calories a day to support his average training, which is still a very large amount of food for a lean person to consume!)

Hope that clears up some questions. Here’s to lifting those weights, ladies!

(Ahem…….And why it is time for some of you to move to 8 lb weights instead of those 5’s!)