*Meal Plan*

Our meal plans are updated seasonally. Please email JFederici@hotmail.com with subject “Simple Spring Slim Down” for more our current 21 day meal program.

We sell our meal plans for $49, however, they are offered complimentary for current boot camp and personal training members.

With purchase of meal plan, you receive unlimited nutrtional coaching until you reach your goal. (AKA, we stalk you relentlessly until the nutrtion becomes an effortless part of your routine!)

We expect members to lose an average of 2.5 lbs/week while following our nutrtion plans.However, many of our members lose an average of 7-12 lbs in the first two weeks! We don’t like to make unrealistic promises, but we can promise that the plan works if you follow it.

We do not sell any shakes or supplments to our members. We use a whole food approach to nutrition, so you will be eating real foods. We may suggest a protein shake or multivitamin supplement if we think you may be defficent, but we do not require purchase of any particular brands of foods.

No boot camp membership or exercise is required, but it does help to shape your body, and improve your health, so we highly encourage it!

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